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We are a company offering of dedicated mobile mechanics service, based locally offering car servicing and car repairs for all types of vehicles.

Saving you the hassle of taking your car to a garage and leaving it their, instead we come to your home, work or office for your complete convenience.

We carry all the latest Scan Tools and genuine replacement parts on our fully equipped vans, ensuring there is no fault we can’t diagnose and repair, also ensuring your warranties remain valid.

Manufactures service check lists are very detailed, that’s why we follow them completely, our Mobile Mechanics have added another item to the list:-

  • Drive to customer’s location for there complete convenience. TICK!

  • ​Although we are the mobile service experts, we also offer much more than just car servicing. TICK

Common faults that our mechanics diagnose and repair on a daily basis include;

  • Engine management warning light on dashboard

  • Worn Brake system, including discs, pads and hand brake

  • Leaking shock absorbers

  • Flat batteries

  • Split CV boots

  • Cambelt replacements

  • Water Pumps

  • C.V Joints & Shafts

  • Power Steering

  • Serpentine Belts and Belts

Above is just a brief list of the type of work that we do on a daily basis, if your problem isn’t on the list please us as we’re sure we can help.



Can an independent repairer perform a logbook service on a vehicle under warranty?

The short answer is ‘Yes’. An independent repairer (ie: one not affiliated with a manufacturer’s network) can do a logbook service on a vehicle under warranty. There are however some conditions depending on the type of warranty.

Independent repairers can complete a logbook service without voiding manufacturers warranty as long as they meet the warranty requirements.

Common requirements for a logbook service to maintain manufacturers warranty are that:

  • servicing is carried out by qualified staff

  • repairs are completed to manufacturer standards

  • parts used are manufacturer approved and meet original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards

  • the service is registered and stamped in the log book.

If you require regular maintenance for your vehicle, contact Tony at Brake-rite.

We provide servicing and maintenance for high performance cars, as well as the regular market vehicles and 4x4's.

We thrive on challenges, delivering an excellent standard of service, advice, repairs and car servicing to all makes and models.



Has your car broken down at an inconvenient time and place?


Brake -Rite offer a mobile service that comes to the rescue where you have broken down saving the extra added expense of calling up for a tow service.


Don’t let a fault with your car, van or motorbike ruin your day. Brake-Rite can diagnose and repair the problem quickly and simply, so you can get back on the road and enjoying your day.




Not just services, but also general repairs!

Whether it be your starter motor, coil pack, or just about anything else that develops a fault on your vehicle, then we can come to you to diagnose and repair the fault quickly and conveniently.

You don’t have to spend too much time looking around our website to quickly realize we’re different to other Mobile Services in the way we set certain standards for all of our technicians, so you can guarantee any fault that does develop is repaired to the same standard as it would be if you took your vehicle back to the dealership.



We all know how many computers are in cars now a days, but did you know that no matter how new your vehicle is its not just the main dealers that have the computer equipment to read the faults and reset the service lights – BECAUSE WE DO TO!

That’s right, we invest thousands to keep our technicians up to date so they have the same equipment.

From programing the air suspension in a Range Rover Sport to simply resetting the service indicator on a Peugeot 307, we can do it fast and efficiently with our top of the range Scanning Tools.

Got an engine management light come up on your dash? Simply give us a call to see what it’s trying to tell you and then explain to you what needs fixing.


Prices start from $65.00 plus GST and as with all work we do - there's no hidden extra's!




Although servicing is our specialty, if you find your car doesn’t need a service but you have an issue with your brakes, then we can come out just for this and diagnose and replace what ever the issue is while you carry out your normal day, be it work or play.

Our trained technicians can show you what ever faults are found, and then in many cases offering you several prices for repair which will include genuine and non genuine parts for you to choose from.

What could be simpler?


The suspension on your vehicle normally gives you warning before failing completely in the way of knocking and rattling, especially with all the speed bumps we find ourselves driving over nowadays, so once an abnormal noise develops it is quite important to get it checked out asap.

A simple little knocking noise could indicate a worn track rod end or maybe a broken spring, what ever it is, one of our technicians can come out to you, diagnose the problem, show you where possible, and then we can work out a price to get it repaired for you.

Quite often if you wanted to go ahead we could get the new replacement part delivered to your address within the hour so the fault can be rectified there and then ensuring you can be back on the road quickly and most importantly, safely!

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